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Just Delivered!
We delivered the Traditional Care Suite furniture on the 23rd! This project has been a ton of handwork, but it has also been really invigorating.
Nice Finish!
The 100% natural Odie's Oil finish recipe we used really gives the furniture a nice sheen and a beautiful feel.
Shadow Shot
A little light to show off some of the cuts and shapes I incorporated.
Arm Detail
A nice close-up of one of the arms, showing some of the really interesting grain patterns you find in Ash.
Shaping Chair Seats
One of the 12 newly-shaped chair seats.
Chair Seats
Another view of the seat. It all starts with a routed channel, to give me a depth reference point. It finishes with a curved card scraper and sandpaper.
Care Suite Furniture
The three tables and the newly-assembled hutch stand ready for delivery to the Archive building in Madison.
Free-Standing Hutch
Just assembled! This free-standing hutch for the Care Suite will cover a small fridge below and some glassware up top.
Beautiful Ash Grain!
Lots of glassware storage up top. Solid Ash throughout, along with the really nice aroma of the Odie's Oil finishes!
Maker's Mark!
A peek inside the lower portion of the new hutch.
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