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Rough Shaping
An in-progress shot of the rough-shaping of my elliptical low table.
Shaping the Walnut
A dado set will do just fine when hogging out the rough shape of the elliptical staves.
How It's Done!
More of the dado set roughing out the stave.
Glue Up
Before I shape the outside faces, I glue up the two staves and fit them to the base.
Tools of the Trade!
A few of my new favorite tools!
The base gets bigger!
Adding new pieces as we go around the base.
Challenging Glue Up!
A little tricky to glue curved staves edge-to-edge, but I've found that my spring clamp set works great.
The Elliptical Top
I love Walnut crotch grain, and these two book-matched slabs will look great as the top for my elliptical low table.
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