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Glue-up In Progress
After a few hiccups and design changes to this piece, it was decided that to gain the thickness that the client desired, we would wrap the rough board ends under at each end, to double the board thickness, and give a nice book-matched look.
More Glue-Up
I glued this big top up in manageable sections.
Ready To Rout the Sink
I created a router template to cleanly cut in the under-mount sink hole. After a few double-checks (!), my spiral flush bit made easy work of the cut.
In the Finish Room!
Finally, after a few design changes and a few headaches, this big top (66" x 85" x 2-1/4") was wheeled into the finish room. The first coat of Waterlox always brings out the best in Walnut!
Cool Edge Grain!
A detail photo of the book-matched, mirror end glue-up.
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