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Modern Lines
The new chair is fresh out of the clamps. This set of late afternoon pics has great shadow lines to show off the hand-shaped seat.
Swept Design
I like the curves of this chair, from top to bottom.
Close Up
This close up shows some of the uneven shaping marks from the scorp and the card scraper on the seat, as well as the hand-shaped contours on the back legs.
New Chair Design
A fresh pic of the new chair, dry-fitted prior to final sanding.
Solid Wood Chair
A close-up of the seat, showing the curves and angles. The seat will get a scoop before I glue it all up.
Curves, Curves, Curves
Another nice shot from the back, showing more of the curves and angles of the back slats. The tops of the legs will also get an angle to follow the line of the slats.
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