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More Curved Work!
Even if it's just in a few spots, radiused cabinet ends and curved moldings add a ton of richness to a cabinetry project.
Need a Custom Truck Bed?
Take a peek into the back of this masterpiece! Some beautiful figured Cherry awaits!
The hand-picked figured Cherry dazzles in the box of this 1949 Chevy pickup, completely rehabbed by Willie Osborne for his wife, Sara.
Imagine your next desktop!
Cherry and Maple mix so well. Here the darkening Cherry frames hand-selected Maple veneer flitches, mirror-matched in a five-sided pattern. The swooping legs are solid Cherry.
Art Deco Coffee Table
I love using figured or rustic slabs in refined designs. This coffee table top is a perfect example. Each of the scalloped slats in the table base were shaped on the table saw, then "coopered" together. For Sale!
Figured and Reclaimed!
The tops of these two coffee table are book-matched crotch Walnut slabs, saved from the fire pile. And, the bases were formed with scraps from my molding bin. Look closely, and you will see crown, cove, and bar arm rest moldings, all "coopered" together. The tops were then traced and cut to follow the patterns. Kind of traditional, kind of funky, and definitely original! For Sale!
Urban Wood!
Who do you know can join two "cookies" like this? These trunk cut-offs were saved by a Madison homeowner who also happens to be a fantastic architectural photographer and friend, and I made him a nice end table with them.
Custom Truck Interior
Willie Osborne is a true artist, down to his bones! Not only can he paint, but he can work wood, too! I'm always happy to have Willie in the shop!
We Can Repair Anything!
Repairing this dogsled was one of my favorite jobs! To repair the handle, I created a nine-layer Ash lamination. Ash loves to bend and flex!
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